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Here's hoping for a great 2021 growing season!


Reminders: Covid-19 and Security

Members, please comply with ALL social distancing, hygiene and self-isolation rules. By doing so, we will be able to stay open safely

1.  Tier 5 restrictions are in place

We ask members to abide by the Tier 5 guidance issued by the UK government so that we can continue to remain open safely. 

Until further notice, our site is open to THE LEGAL TENANT (member) AND THEIR IMMEDIATE HOUSEHOLD (people who officially live with them) ONLY.

  • We ask members to observe the government's NO HOUSEHOLD MIXING rule while they are on our site. Please do not bring visitors or people (family or otherwise) who do not live in your household into the site.

  • NO SOCIAL EVENTS OR GATHERINGS are to be held on the site. 

In exceptional circumstances, a committee member may admit tradespersons or meet socially distanced with one person from another household on site for the purpose of safely undertaking essential or urgent society work .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to comply with the rules puts the society and its membership at risk. The committee has a duty to take action in cases of non-compliance, with termination of tenancy being the sanction. We are responsible for the actions of our friends, family and associates.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation as we look forward to the day when restrictions are lifted.

2. We ask members not to share the code gate passcode with people outside their immediate household. Open access puts our members at risk. Putting the society and it's members at risk could result in termination of your tenancy.

Please stay safe and enjoy your plot(s)!


Best wishes

The WLASG Committee

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