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Explicit Guidance for Members during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dear members

Further to the notice issued by the WLASG committee on 22 February, I confirm that our allotment site remains open for the time being and that the water supply is now on.

During these unsettling times it is important that we follow the guidelines laid
down by both the government our allotment association in order to keep
everyone safe.

The explicit guidelines issued below, issued by the Barnet Allotment Federation (BAF) apply to all WLASG members:

  1. Plot holders who are over 70, have underlying health conditions or are pregnant must follow guidance and information from the government. This is available from .gov government websites, news channels and Age UK.

  1. Plot holders who are self-isolating because they have the symptoms of coronavirus must not visit the site until they are out of self-isolation.

  2. Plot holders who are self-isolating due to someone they live with having symptoms of the virus must not visit the site until they are out of self-isolation.

  3. Please pay attention to notices (anywhere at the front of our site; email; the News & Events page of our website; our facebook page)

  4. Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly

  5. Use hand sanitiser of disposable gloves before opening and closing any gate locks, and operating taps at water troughs

  6. Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres

  7. Do not share tools

  8. Minimise the contact with each other, for example no handshaking

  9. Do not wash your hands into water troughs. Collect water in a bottle or suitable container and wash hands away from the trough

  10. Do not bring visitors to the site during this time.

If you are unwell and cannot attend the allotment for a period of time, please let someone or a member of the committee know. Others may be able to help out with jobs like watering etc. That way, the committee will know that the plot isn’t being neglected.

Do remember that government advice is being updated regularly and this advice may change.

Please look out for others and stay safe.

Kind regards

Lola, on behalf of the WLASG Committee

Covid-19 Action

Dear WLASG members and friends

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

We thought we'd bring you an update in the light of the necessary measures of social distancing, self-isolation, and hand-washing that our government has rightly imposed on the population.

We know that outdoor activity will be important for the well-being of many, even at this stage of the pandemic. Taking a queue from local park policy and large national horticultural venues, the committee has decided that the allotments will remain open for the time being. There is enough space between plots for us to reasonably and sensibly (do leave if not comfortable) carry on with our activities on the site. We will keep this under review.

There will be an issue around operating the padlocks to access the site. Padlocks must stay in place for the security of all. However, we ask members to consider wearing disposable gloves when operating the padlocks or using hand sanitiser/washing their hands with soap immediately afterwards.

In order to support the necessary hygiene measures, we will be turning the water supply on a week earlier, TOMORROW (23 March). Thankfully, no frosts are predicted this week. Please bring your own soap/hand sanitiser. We could put sanitser by the gates (if we found any to buy) but this might well be stolen. 

We have cancelled all scheduled events, except the AGM scheduled for July 2020, until further notice. We will look to see how we might be able to have a 'virtual' online AGM if possible but will postpone altogether and reschedule if necessary.

This means that the Work Party scheduled for 29 March is cancelled. So are the June General Meeting and the Summer Community event in July. We will let you know if and when we are able to reschedule.

No plot inspections or related activities will hold during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Please send Lola an email (general allotment email address) if you wish to collect your raffle prizes during the coronavirus lockdown. She will agree a safe place for you to collect it from, with prior notice.

If you do attend the allotments, please bear all government advice in mind, as well as our own Health & Safety Guidelines. We have yet to receive specific guidance from the Barnet Allotment Federation (BAF) but will let you know the minute we do. We are also keeping the situation under review.

Best wishes

WLASG Committee

Fundraising Raffle Draw

After endless delays, we finally held the Raffle Draw on 01 February. We've sent details of the winning tickets to the membership by email. Here's to the lucky winners!


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