Covid-19 Action

Members, please comply with ALL social distancing, hygiene and self-isolation rules. By doing so, we will be able to stay open safely

On 10 May, the UK government  updated it's guidance on how we can conduct ourselves safely during the current stage of our fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Please see here for details:

While small changes have been made, a key point to note is that the 2m social distancing measure remains in place, and continues to apply on our allotment site too.

In line with the government update, the committee has made some changes too. These are:

A. Members may now attend the site with any number of members of their own household, with no limits on the amount of time taken for exercise. Members of a household may associate together on site but will need to keep 2m away from other people.

B. Members may now bring one visitor or contractor on site who is not a member of their household. If you do so, please maintain the 2m social distancing rule between yourselves and others, and remain on site with your visitor at all times.

Please note that the following previously published rules for keeping safe on site (as advised by the BAF and NAS) still apply:

  1. Plot holders who are over 70, have underlying health conditions or are pregnant must follow guidance and information from the government. This is available from .gov government websites, news channels and Age UK.

  2. Plot holders who are self-isolating because they have the symptoms of coronavirus must not visit the site until they are out of self-isolation.

  3. Plot holders who are self-isolating due to someone they live with having symptoms of the virus must not visit the site until they are out of self-isolation.

  4. Please pay attention to notices (anywhere at the front of our site; email; the News & Events page of our website; our Facebook page)

  5. Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly

  6. Use hand sanitiser of disposable gloves before opening and closing any gate locks, and operating taps at water troughs

  7. Observe 'social distancing' with each other 2 metres

  8. Do not share tools.

  9. Minimise the contact with each other, for example no handshaking or gathering for chats

  10. Do not wash your hands into water troughs. Collect water in a bottle or suitable container and wash hands away from the trough.

We will continue to keep the situation under review and inform you of any changes.

NB: Please remember that the legal tenant is responsible and accountable for the actions of any household member or visitor who attends our site. 

It is therefore incumbent upon members to ensure that they and any members of their household or visitors who attend the site fully understand these rules and our Health & Safety Guidelines, and comply with them.

If you have any questions at all, please send an email to the committee at

Please stay safe and enjoy your allotment.


Best wishes

The WLASG Committee


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